Thursday, January 13, 2011

Twenty Minute Sketch Journal

Here is another way to approach journaling for the less confident among us. Put together a "down and dirty" journal, something that you don't have to worry about ruining.  Keri Smith has published several journaling books directed toward confidence building.  Here is my version.

A simple pamphlet stitch holds one section of pages together. The front and back pages of the section are then tucked into the folds of the paper that are folded over thin card stock weight paper (or use cereal box cardboard) to create the inner journal cover supports. I need to diagram this in the "tutorial" section of this blog. Stay tuned.

Above you see the section sitting on top of the inside of the cover.

On the left side of the above photo you can see the paper folds into which the front section page would be inserted.  The same would be done with the right side.

Just keep in mind that putting together a rough journal might be the trick to help loosen up a hesitant journaler. Don't make it too precious at first.

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