Sunday, October 16, 2011

SketchCrawl/Occupy Wall Street (Phoenix) October 15, 2011

I did not participate in the Cave Creek SketchCrawl which I bet was a cooler than where I was. Wasn't sure I could stand out in the sun for hours so opted to sit on the pavement at the Occupy Phoenix rally in front of  Phoenix City Hall. I sweated but at least didn't feel like passing out. There was lots of bottled water available as well as snacks. Very well run and peaceful for the two hours I was there. I would have spent the entire day, but being slow, I knew it was necessary for me to get back home to put something on this blog and SketchCrawl site. So here it is.....a day later.

This is the best I could do for "sketching" this time (above). Spent hours cleaning up the next two photos. Put in a generic acrylic/paper towel smeared background that would not be as distracting. Love this image. It makes me wish I were a photojournalist. But then, this kind of photography isn't what big news organizations seem to want anymore anyway.

These protests are just the beginning so it seems appropriate to keep a journal just for these events.

Well before 2008 I knew that this economic situation was destined to happen and that there would be a revolt. I just didn't know when the breaking point would be. Unfortunately, little fish sometimes get lured in by Big Fish because they think that God or Good Fortune open doors to their washes leaving personal responsibility outside that door. The Big Fish know this and make a meal out of them. Others are purely ambushed. So I am proud to see that there really is a sense of democracy still alive under all the materialistic distractions that we Americans enjoy and/or are bombarded with daily.  This is a WORLD WIDE endeavor now.

This next sign is wonderfully done. As we know, however, not all the buzzard are old.

Good to see a retired judge (below) getting involved.

I read a news article that said that a thousand people participated in this rally. There were at least that many from what I was seeing. The park was getting quite crowded by 1 p.m. and people were still arriving.

This event will surely make some good entries in my journal.