Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Mattias Adolfsson is an illustrator and journaler. His work can get amazingly detailed but this is one is one of his simpler pieces, a style I aspire to.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

SketchCrawl January 21, 2012 Phoenix Herpetological Society

What an exciting day on the grounds of the Phoenix Herpetological Society! Up close within the bounds of safety to some rather dangerous critters. My fascination was with a king cobra named Elvis. He was a rescued snake. He was probably so named because of his showmanship.  Elvis was one very alert, observant reptile.

It was cool when we arrived in the morning so we spent a fair amount of time in the classroom building where some of the venomous snakes are also kept. Nate, a serpant curator, cleaned snake enclosures while we watched, ready to run like heck at a moment's notice.

After the excitement was over, we got to work sketching just a glass thickness away from real trouble.
Craig and his son are sketching Elvis, too. Annie is in the background sketching a gorgeous green (venomous) snake.

And here is Elvis in his serpant glory.
More photos on the Journal 6-SketchCrawls link on the right side bar.